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App: Secur Pro Free VPN Security

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Requires os version:Android4.0 and up
Secur Pro is a best-in-class VPN based mobile security solution which brings to Android the same robust standard of network security that is used by businesses to protect enterprise data. Equipped to handle a wide range of security concerns, Secur Pro protects your mobile connections from various online threats such as malwares, phishing scams, dubious domains and data privacy breach on unsecured Wi-Fi by routing your data through a secure VPN channel which is encrypted and hidden to all.* Empower your mobile security with a powerful and sophisticated enterprise grade solution that works on the Internet layer and prevents threat before they reach your device.

* Get comprehensive cyber threat protection features that include Anti-malwares, open Wi-Fi security and phishing protection. The security coverage extends to a large range of common to obscure threats.

* Ensure safe web browsing through real-time blocking of all communication, download or access of malicious websites or malware links on your mobile.

* Defend your device from unknown, advanced network threats through superior security settings that is adaptive and capable to detect dark spots even in the secured network traffic. The Cloud-based malware and phishing filters are supported by rigorous analysis and research to effectively tackle new breed of threats.

* Get round-the-clock, automatically updated protection through security filters that are version upgraded on the cloud without requiring any user intervention.

* Enjoy hassle free usage of the app through its simple UI and 1-click enable/disable protection feature.

* Ensure data security and privacy protection on unsecured Wi-Fi enabled by the build-in strong encryption making it impossible for a hacker to eavesdrop on your communications.

* Achieve Network Anonymity though IP address hiding feature generated by the VPN-based security perimeter.

* Absolutely FREE for personal use.

Secur Pro is designed as a complete and reliable, free online protection tool with an aim to fortify Android network security without the use of complicated settings.

Given the recent diversification in malware program on Android and increasingly bold cyber attacks, the need of the hour is a Professional security for mobile that is adaptive as well as easy-to-use and Secur Pro achieves just that.OUR STRONG COMMITTMENT TO USER PRIVACY

Our servers may capture data on a non personal basis to iteratively improve our security features and to create research insights. However, we ensure that we take individual privacy protection very seriously and thus take utmost care in data collection and storage. We follow strict adherence to Privacy by Design principles that ensure data anonymization as soon as it is generated in our servers. All reports are based on aggregated data and event level data is anonymized. The whole process is fully automated without human intervention, thus, nobody (not even us) can identify a user, based on dataset at any point of time, manually or even through sophisticated machine algorithms.

To explore further on how we ensure user data privacy, please visit our privacy policy URL.

For more information on Secur Pro app, please visit our website .Let Secur Pro be your frontline defence while you navigate through the network anonymously, privately, secured and safe. It’s on the line so that your security isn’t. Get Secur Pro for FREE, now.

In case, you face an issue with the app at any stage, do write to us at We would love to address any concerns, queries or questions about the app in full detail. Your active participation will help us improve Secur Pro further.

Please note that some UI notifications may differ on Android Lollypop (v5.x).

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