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App: Send Anywhere (File Transfer)

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Requires os version:Android4.0 and up
Avoid the Cloud when sending files, Just Send Anywhere!Send Anywhere is a platform agnostic file sharing service that allows end users to share digital content in real time, P2P, without cloud storage.

Send Anywhere’s differentiating factors are:

EasyNo signup or login required; The process could not be simpler!- all you need is a 6-digit key to pair devices.

Free & UnlimitedSend any file type, of any size, as many times as you want. There are no limits on how much you can send and it is totally free.- photos, texts, audios, videos, apps, contacts, files/folders, etc.

SafeSecurely send files directly between devices without touching the cloud.

AnonymousShare your data without sharing your personal information.

Cross-PlatformFully supports Android, iOS, Windows Phone and PC, Mac, Chrome Extension, and a web browser (

Hybrid SolutionGiven network conditions, data will either be transferred directly via P2P or through a direct relay server. Both ways avoid the cloud and cut down transfer time substantially.

Here is how you use it, it is quite simple!

To Send1. Select the file(s) you want to send and click “Create Key” 2. This will generate a temporary 6-digit key that you share with the receiving device.3. Stand by. Tip: In lieu of the 6-digit key, you can send a push alert to a nearby or recently used device

To Receive1. Enter the 6-digit key generated by the sending device 2. Enjoy! Note: The 6-digit key only lasts for ten minutes and if this is too short, you can upload your files for 24 hours.

Brand New Feature: My DevicesWith the My Devices release, you can remotely manage every Windows and Android device that you’ve registered with Send Anywhere. You can not only access files downloaded on your Windows computer from your Android but also send those files to another device without accepting action. (Log-in Required)

Permission List:android.permission.CAMERA - To scan QR code. android.permission.ACCESS_COARSE_LOCATION - To find nearby - To send/receive files. android.permission.WRITE_CONTACTS - To save newly received contacts. android.permission.READ_CONTACTS – To access your contact - To write received files on an SD card. android.permission.WAKE_LOCK – To allow the file transfer to continue in the background even when the phone goes into sleep mode. android.permission.ACCESS_NETWORK_STATE - To check the phone’s connectivity status (WiFi/mobile network). android.permission.ACCESS_WIFI_STATE - To check the WiFi connectionandroid.permission.READ_PROFILE - To access your personal profile name on the - To access your Google account for Google Cloud Messaging (GCM) - To receive push alerts from Google Cloud Messaging (GCM).

Our volunteer translators around the world• Polish: TomoS• Dutch: Rakesh Ramdihal (Currently under development)• Hungarian: B. Tibor aka gidano from Hungary (Will be fully supported soon)• French: Chris Blade (Will be fully supported soon)(We're looking for volunteer translators! If you're interested in translating Send Anywhere into any language, please contact us via e-mail:

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