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Requires os version:Android2.3 and up
Share Apps really share your apps' installation package(APK) with your friends by 1-Click . Share Apps will share you app(include system app) by:★Face-to-Face Share (NO need mobile traffic. NO need WiFi router)★Email★Bluetooth★Whatsapp★Dropbox★Google Drive★Facebooketc.

Share apps show your applications with a list, you can get a installation package directly from your momery and send it to your friends as a attachment.,what's more,It also can share the market links to your friends. This is a great way if you are looking for sharing program,Get this .

When you discover a best apps, You will want to share it with your friends at once,Then,Share Apps will solve this problems. Just find the apps and share it by 1-Click, What' more,you can share multiple apps at one time.

Face-to-Face Share:Speed transfer NO need mobile traffic. NO need WiFi router. NO need data line or computer.The fastest way to share Apps between Android devices with hotspot.More then 7MB/s, 100 times speed of Bluetooth!

Main Featured:* Share Apk directly as attachment* Share Apps Link by any applications which accept text (SMS, Whatsapp,Facebook, google reader, etc...)* Instant search

In addition to the ability to share a list of apps, you may also use Share Apps those feature(By click item):* Uninstall application* Open application * Show in Market* Show Applications's detail or move to sdcard or clear catch* Backup APK to your sdcard directlyPlease email( me with questions or issues;

What people say?--------------------This is the app you need! This application convert the application you want to share into apk file and it's very useful I recommend this than other share apps and this application allow you to share your application that you can enjoy.--------------------Michael:If you're looking for an apk sharing program, get this. The others on the market (I have tried 6) are terrible. This program is the only one that sends the actual file. There's no pre-processing loading every time you open it. Loads instantly with initial load up. No lag or bugs. Best app on the market and no cache to worry about.--------------------It save my new phone!! I have an very important app that I really love, without this app i go crazy.

Disclaimer: Before share APK, please make sure you have the redistribution right.

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