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App: Share Apps (Applications)

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Category Productivity
Requires os version:Android2.3 and up
Applications which are downloaded and installed from the Google application store can be shared with friends and family. This "apkshare" application allows you to take backup of your application on the internal storage or memory card.

Also you have the option to share the application installer with other people. By using the share option, you can send the apk file for an application to anyone by using messaging, email or blue-tooth.

As soon as you install a new application on your android device, this apk sharing application will detect the same and will allow you to share or backup the installed application with anyone.

Other features:1) Option to backup all applications in single go2) Bulk application apk file backup3) Bulk application sharing with other people as attachment

Share Apps will share you app(include system app) to:Email,Dropbox,Google Drive,Bluetooth,Facebooketc.

Share Apps show your applications with a list, you can get a installation package directly from your memory and send it to your friends as a attachment,what's more,It also can share the market links to your friends. This is a great way to get friends with new android smartphones started.In addition to the ability to share a list of apps, you may also use those feature(By long click):* Uninstall application* Open application* Show in Market* Show Applications's detail or move to sdcard

One another use of this application is to move the application to memory card easily.

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