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App: Shell Motorist

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Requires os version:Android2.3 and up
The Shell Motorist app is designed to help you to get more out of driving, and to give you Shell information and personalised special offers at your fingertips:

• Use the app to receive special offers, check your balance and your Shell loyalty card transactions for any Shell loyalty card. You can also see how you can spend your loyalty points. • It can help keep you on top of your vehicle’s maintenance -use the reminder service to receive alerts when your vehicle’s tax, servicing, insurance or annual check-up are due.• Our route planner is designed to help you find the best way to your destination and to estimate the cost of your journey.• The station locator shows your nearest Shell service station to help you fill up with ease once out on the road. • You can also see information on Shell highlights and products.• Loyalty offers, balances and transactions for: UK, Germany, Italy, Turkey, Hungary, Bulgaria, Austria, Poland, Czech Republic, Slovakia and Switzerland.

If you are in the United States of America, use the app to check your balance and your card transactions. You can also:• See your progress• Use the app to check your Fuel Savings® rewards balance• See your transactions and rewards progress

* Have questions, problems or feedback? Please email us at

* Have questions or problems with your Shell Drivers' Club card? Please call us on 08459 006 008, or email us at

Shell Motorist is not optimized to run on Android tablets. We strive to deliver the best experience for mobile phones.


We are investigating why the Motorist app is requesting unexpected user permissions. If you are concerned about this increase in permissions, please wait until we release an application update fixing this issue.In the meantime, the reasons for asking specific user permissions are:o Your location - Station finder and closest stations use GPS informationo Your personal information - Motoring reminders stores data in your calendaro Network communication - All sections in the app use network accesso Storage - A lot of images are cached in the phone disk. News & products are saved in disko Camera – You can take a picture of your vehicle (car, van or motorcycle) and add it to the Motoring reminders section of the appo Phone calls – In case you need to make a call to our customer service centre using the app and we also use it to get an unique ID (Phone Identity)o Hardware controls - To allow vibrationo Development tools - To store settings in SD card of the phone

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