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App: Shopping List

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Category Shopping
Requires os version:Android2.3 and up
Shopping List is the most easy way to organise your shopping lists. It is minimalistic, intuitive and easy to use, it keeps your grocery shopping list without bothering you with complex features. The development of Shopping List is supported by advertisement - it costs you less than a coffee to remove it :)

Features include:• Multiple shopping lists• Add products to the shopping lists• Share lists by text, email, WhatsApp etc.• Mark items in your shopping list as "bought" or "in shopping cart"• Drag and drop products to reorder them as you like• Edit items on the list (long-press on an item and click the edit icon)• Save time by using suggestions as you start typing a product name• Suggestions are personalised• Manage the list of suggestions (directly when they appear)

As you start typing a product, Shopping List shows up suggestions that you can add very fast to the your shopping list. It comes with a bunch of popular suggestions for you to start with. All products you enter in your shopping cart will later be available as suggestions so that you will save time when preparing your shopping list. Add multiple shopping lists to keep products you will buy in different stores separated.

Requested permissions:This app requires access to internet since it is a requirement for the ads in the app.

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