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App: SkinSwap: Skins for Minecraft

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Requires os version:Android2.3.3 and up
Who has time to color in every single pixel of a Minecraft character?? That's just crazy!

Welcome to the ultimate skin creator and stealer for Minecraft! The first skin creator that does not require any artistic abilities! You're welcome to think outside the box, but with a skin creator so simple, why would you?

Impress your friends with original works of art, or steal their skins and use whatever part you want!

SkinSwap features the ability to select what parts of skins you want. Want a guy's head on a girl's body? You got it! Think a zombie would look great in some designer shoes? Once again, you got it!

From the start you are given 22 skins and 68 masks/helmets!!! That means you have thousands of options for free!

In app purchases allow you to unlock an additional 50 guy skins, 50 girl skins, 31 hero skins, 36 villain skins, and 28 zombie skins!

Also for the laziest of people there is a "Random" button. Simply click the button and watch random creations of skins appear before your eyes!

Save your skins for free directly to your email! Once you click save, you will be prompted to email - which includes instructions on how to save your skin to Minecraft Desktop version as well as Minecraft Pocket Edition!!!

Also upload your skins from your photo album on your device. Simply load a skin into your photos and click the upload button and find your skin!

And last but not least, it features a simple search for ANY current Minecraft username and shows each part of the body you can steal!

Features:* 22 Free Skins* 68 Free masks/helmets* Steal ANY skin/components of the skin* Hero Skins* Girl Skins* Guy Skins* Zombie Skins* Villain Skins* Easy sorting to view and randomize specific skins* Save Skins* Load Skins from your device* ENDLESS COMBINATIONS!

NOTE: SkinSwap is not affiliated with Mojang AB or Minecraft.

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