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App: Sleep Tight Night Light

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Requires os version:Android2.2 and up
Sleep Tight Night Light has many features to help you sleep at night. In addition to a night light that allows you to choose any color that you can imagine, Sleep Tight Night Light has a white noise sound machine, digital and analog clocks, an alarm clock, and it displays the current weather and the weather forecast in three hour increments – perfect to help you start your day off right.

Here are more details about the features of Sleep Tight Night Light:

WHITE NOISE SOUND MACHINE:Turn the white noise sound machine on and off using the Sound Icon (Row 1 on Left). You can choose several ambient noise sounds including Pure White Noise, Rain, Thunderstorm, Waves, and a Slow Heartbeat. Each sound has been carefully looped for perfect gapless playback. The white noise sounds will continue to play when you turn on the night light, or if you turn off your screen. The sounds will stop when you turn off the Sound Icon or close out of the app.

ALARM CLOCK:Turn the alarm clock on or off using the Alarm Clock Icon (Row 2 on Left). Touch the time to choose the alarm time. The small play button allows you to preview the alarm sounds, which include your phones default alarm, a Spanish Guitar tune, or a beautiful Piano Lullaby. Be sure that the app’s volume is not on mute. The alarm will sound and turn on the night light even if you close the app or your phone is off.

NIGHT LIGHT: Turn the night light on by pressing the Night Light Icon (Row 3 on Left). Change or set your night light color by touching the large colored rectangle. You can literally choose from any available color – red, orange, yellow, blue, green, indigo, or violet, and everything in between. The brightness of the night light can be set using your phones brightness settings.

The night light will quickly drain your battery if not plugged in. The night light’s sleep timer is off by default. Set the sleep timer to 15, 30, or 60 minutes to turn off your screen after the specified time. The sleep timer does not affect the white noise sound machine or alarm clock, so both will continue to function as expected.

There are two separate options for clocks – both analog and digital. Turning one or both of those clocks on will display a clock on the night light screen. Touch the night light or press the back button to turn off the night light and return to the main screen.

WEATHER:Want to know what to wear in the morning? When your alarm goes off or you return to the main screen, the weather will update with the current weather and temperature. Scroll to the right to see the weather forecast in three-hour increments for the next five days. Click on the Weather Icon (Row 4 on Left) to see the weather in full screen view, which displays your current city, a description of the current weather, the High and Low temperatures, the humidity, and the forecast in three-hour increments for the next five days. Thanks to for making this service available.

Sleep Tight Night Light is the perfect nightlight, alarm clock, white noise sound machine, and weather forecast app to help you sleep right and get your day off to a perfect start.

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