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App: Software Data Cable

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Category Business
Requires os version:Android2.1 and up
Connect and share everything among phones, Pad, PC, Mac, Laptop, Google TV, Cloud storage, Xbox etc.

An must-have App that will save you time and eliminate the need of USB data cable for file transfer. Once you've tried it, you'll wonder how you ever got along without it!

It's fast, free, secure and NO impact to mobile data plan!

BENEFITS WITH SOFTWARE DATA CABLE • The fewer cables to carry the better • The computer doesn't need to have drivers it does need installed • Send photos, music, videos, Apps etc. to other phones, tablets or TV anytime, anywhere • Auto-sync photos and other important files to computer or cloud storage (on a daily, weekly basis to backup data) • Extend mobile storage space without any cost

Key featuresSYNC PC • Send files to computer (and vice versa) without USB data cable (without external network support) • Data transfers in private (local) Wi-Fi network (easy, secure, fast and no data plan impact) • Transfer speed up to 54Mb/s • Compatible with Windows Explorer and other FTP client tools (such as FileZilla)

SYNC PHONE • Send files (Video, MP3, Apps etc.) and folders to other phones, Pads wirelessly • Nearby devices • No mobile data plan impact • Transfer speed up to 54Mb/s • Integrate powerful and easy to use File Manager

SYNC AUTO • Sync folders to family cloud storage (PC, laptop, file server etc.) automatically • Sync folders to cloud storage (such as Microsoft SkyDrive, Baidu etc.) • Auto-sync tasks can be scheduled on a daily, weekly or monthly basis • Extend mobile storage space without cost

SUPPORTIf you are continuing to have problems, please send an email to us so we can help you. Thank you!

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