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App: Soundwave - Find New Music

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Requires os version:Android2.2 and up
Music matters to Soundwave users. Creating a Soundwave account gives you instant access to a community of music lovers. By following others with similar music taste you can instantly discover the music they are listening to – allowing you to find new music and rediscover old music.

Soundwave also acts as your personal music tracker (or playlist) – we’ll seamlessly track the music you listen to on your phone/laptop/desktop through YouTube, Spotify, Pandora, iTunes, Soundcloud, Deezer, 8tracks, Rdio etc... Essentially building you the playlist of your life! You’ll never forget a song again because Soundwave will track and store all your music on your Soundwave profile. It's never been easier to find new music!

Listen to your music as normal and your followers on Soundwave will see what you are listening to instantly - giving you the chance to show off your true music credentials. You can choose to hide or delete music from your profile if you’re listening to some guilty pleasures!

Here’s a quick tip from the team - check out the Soundwave music map after you’ve set up your account. Draw on the map and you’ll instantly see the music that people are listening to in the location you picked. Find out what music people are listening to in Brooklyn, LA or even the Vatican! You’ll like it, we promise!

Soundwave users like to get chatty and start music conversations. As a Soundwave user you can start a conversation by tagging other users in your comments and even create your own hashtag trend. Along with commenting on music, you can rate and share music with your friends on or off Soundwave. Soundwave will track all your favourite songs allowing you to discover new tunes as well as track old favourites!

It’s time for you to try Soundwave. It’s time for you to connect with users that share your music interest and take your music discovery to the next level. Give it a go, you never know what gems you’ll find.

Download Soundwave now.

Have questions, problems, or feedback? Reach out to our Community Manager at or follow us on Twitter at @Soundwave, on Facebook or on Google +.

Team Soundwave is delighted to bring you the app uninterrupted by ads.

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