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App: Speed booster + memory cleaner

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Requires os version:Android2.3 and up
Ever felt that your phone or tablet is lagging and more slow by the day? Speed Booster + Memory Cleaner optimizes your Android CPU, RAM, and battery with a single tap.

Speed Booster + Memory Cleaner provides one-click optimization, automatic boosting, and the ability to manually control processes that optimize your device’s resources.

HIGHLIGHTS:The Most Simple Optimizer: Speed Booster + Memory Cleaner won’t confuse you like some other junk-clearing apps. It quickly and effectively clears your device’s cache with a single tap and offers a very easy-to-use task manager in a clean, simple interface. That’s all!★ One-Click Optimization: One click to free up and clear wasted system resources (CPU and RAM) that will let your apps run faster, be more stable, and save you valuable battery life.★ Home Screen Widget: Clean trash, boost RAM, or launch games with extra boost from home screen.

FEATURES:Auto Speed Boost Mode: Speed Booster + Memory Cleaner optimizes your device’s processor and memory so that your phone or tablet’s resources are cleaned. ★ Speed Boost Notification: Speed Booster + Memory Cleaner will notify you when a speed boost is required on your device based on lag and system resource analysis.★ Boost Reports: Each boost provides a report of boost results, and you will see why the device works faster and is more stable.★ Task Killer: Speed Booster + Memory Cleaner offers a simple, easy-to-use task manager to examine your device’s running processes and manually close what you think might be affecting speed, memory, or security. ★ Completely Free Speed Booster: All the app features are available forever with no extra charge

CUSTOMER REVIEWS:Unbelievable! Finally an app that does what it claims.Wow I can't believe how much more use I am getting out of my battery life. This is more frustrations...if you are having battery drain issues, this is your hero!Wow Right from the beginning - a noticeable difference!

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