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Requires os version:Android4.0 and up
► "What makes the service different from your typical navigation application is that it lets you pre-plan your trips, by having you enter in your final destinations and times you need to be there as far in advance as need be." TechCrunch March 7, 2014

If you have to drive to three places next Tuesday, how does a Navigation app help you today?

✔ Spot On Time is a drive scheduling, traffic alerting, mapping, and parking app all in one.✔ Use it to help you drive to multiple spots (e.g. destinations) and arrive on time.

✔ It will adjust your departure alerts for traffic.

Get all the details of your future drive trips out of your head and into Spot On Time so you don't have to worry and remember the details. It's there watching traffic and lets you know when to go.

Here’s how:

SCHEDULING* NEW: View your calendar events in the Spot Schedule* NEW: Add Drive Plans and traffic-aware departure alerts to calendar events* Easily schedule drives for today or any day in the future (to get it out of your head)* Visually schedule each Spot for the exact time to arrive* Schedule more Spots with Travel Time automatically added* Travel Time monitored & adjusted in the background for real-time traffic* Save your favorite Spots and schedule them again* Schedule future out-of-town trips and related Spots for when you travel* Out-of-town trips include travel time to each Spot to help get you there on time* Pause all your scheduled Spots around home during your out-of-town trip* Set scheduled Spots to repeat for any day of the week* Share your current Spot with others* Seek-A-Spot for fast address finding and points of interest lookup* Share the time you plan to arrive to the scheduled Spot with others via email* Schedule a Call reminder from anyone in your address book* Tap on a Call notification at the schedule time to directly dial the person* Add a Note to your Schedule to reminder of anything

LEAVING & ALERTING* Set Notification Alerts for Spots* Receive push and/or email alerts for when to leave--adjusted for real-time traffic* Customize alerts for each Spot or set Alerts globally for all Spots* Set the number of minutes to be notified before departure* Set custom a alert for when traffic gets really bad quickly

DRIVING* Innovative Time Beam shows you traffic on your route* Burn down segments let you know where the traffic is along the write* Before leaving, see alternative routes and the free-flow route so you can compare * Time Banner continuously updates to let you know if you are on time or late* Time Banner shows miles & minutes to Spot, including walking if parking set* Easily switch to map view or directions list* At any time during the drive, switch to turn-by-turn voice guidance* Automatically switching to parking map if set for the Spot, when you are near* Share your ETA with others via email* Automatic voice alerts to let you know if you are on time, early or late

PARKING* Most people forgot to account for parking time; we’ll do it for you* Set parking to automatically add time to your total trip so you are on time* Set Self Parking to mark exact parking spot & entrance* Share your personalized Self Parking with anyone via email; they receive a map* With Self Parking, we route you to the parking then give you a walking map* Set Timer Parking to add a set amount of time to park (to find street parking)* Set Garage Parking; choose from all nearby parking garages, see hours & prices* We route you to your preferred garage then give you a walking map* Walking time included in your travel time estimate and notification alert* If you park on the street, create a Parking Note to mark your spot and easily return

Pricing* Free download and free use of the fully functioning app for 2 weeks* After 2 weeks, choose an in-App purchase option to add more time* Or, continue to use the Dashboard for free after your free 2 weeks has expired

We hope we help you drive relaxed and happy!

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