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App: Swift WiFi:Global WiFi Sharing

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Requires os version:Android4.0.3 and up
Swift WiFi offers you nearby WiFi options, which includes free WiFi and hotspots with passwords shared by our users all around the world, the availability will be automatically detected by Swift WiFi. Safety test function of our app is suggested to use before you get connected to a new WiFi, especially public WiFi and open WiFi to ensure your online safety. Swift WiFI is top 1 app in travel category.You may need to take pictures of your food and send“wish you were here!” tweets and Facebook updates, there is absolutely no reason to keep your roaming data on the entire time. Stay connected worldwide is easy with Swift WiFi since we have a large and growing database with millions of users contribute to the sharing economy.Except helping you find free WiFi, Swift WiFi is also an efficient WiFi management tool that improves WiFi performance, optimize WiFi connection by connecting to the optimal signal. Through Smart WiFi function, you can set specific mode to turn on/off WiFi under different circumstances so as to save battery and reduce radiation.Features:· Useful for traveling: Scan for WiFi hotspots and search for free WiFi around you. If no results found, it will get directions that guide you to the nearest WiFi spot. It’s very helpful when you are in a new place.· Safety test: Avoid insecure public WiFi or fishing hotspots, protect your online security.· Signal boost: Choose the optimal configuration intelligently and optimize signal.· Speed test: Accurate network speed test.· Smart WiFi: Reduce phone radiation and save battery power.YOU CAN CONTRIBUTE!· Share Free WiFi: You can add Free WiFi spots by sharing the passwords with other users. · Share Personal hotspot: Turn your mobile phone into a router and share your mobile network with your friends.OUR VISION:With the rise of sharing economy, things are no longer owned but shared, think Uber and Airbnb. We aimed to become a No.1 WiFi sharing app on google play by building a trusted platform for everyone to share WiFi access with each other. With over 50 MILLION users sharing and contributing to our community, the availability of free WiFi is growing internationally day by day. So, come join the world’s largest WiFi sharing community today! There will  be more and more shared WiFi with your help and help you in return to get connected!What's New in Version 2.5.129Easy share: Quick file sharing with your friends face-to-face, no mobile data is needed. Follow us on Facebook:
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