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App: Tailed Beast Live Wallpaper

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Requires os version:Android2.2 and up
Tailed Beast Live Wallpaper will show you all nine tailed beast. with rotating rinnegan in center, Rinnegan using which sage of six paths said to controlled tel tailed beast.

Features:- 7 different backgrounds to select from.- Rotating Rinnegan in the center.- Select tailed beast from one to nine tails.

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One-Tailed ShukakuCharacteristic: A Civet Cat with a large tail, a thick black eye, body color is yellowish brown. The Violet Pattern Tattoo on its stomach represents Fengshen.

Two-Tailed Blue Monster CatCharacteristic: Blue demon cat with two tails, large pointed ears. Right eye is yellow, Left eye is blue, zigzag Teeth.

Three-Tailed TurtleCharacteristic: Gray turtle with 3 shrimp-like tails. Live in the wild as it's been stripped from the host already.

Four Tailed GorillaCharacteristic: 4 dinosaur-like tails of Orang-Utans. Strong body behold with Heat and Magma. with Monkey King's Crown.

Five Tailed Dolphin-HorseCharacteristic: 5 Pure white tails, a white creature with the head looks like a dolphin and the body of horse and pinky eye.

Six Tailed SlugCharacteristic: White Slug with six tails

Seven-Tailed Beetle (sealed within F of Takigakure)Characteristic: The Beetle with Six Wings (Tails?) and a tail, the body is protected with its armor shield.

Eight Tailed Ushi-Oni-Like Beast (Fierce Cattle)Characteristic: Red Cow Monster with eight octopus-like tails. Left-Horn is cut off by the Thunder Shadow. In Traditional Japanese Mythology, eight tails is "Orochi"

Nine Tailed Demon FoxCharacteristic: Nine Tailed Demon Fox is the strongest among all tailed beasts. The Chakra of Nine-Tailed is break into two parts (Light / Dark) by the 4th Hokage (Fire Shadow - Father of Naruto). The Light part of Chakra is sealed into Naruto's body and the Dark part of Chakra is sealed into The Death's Stomach.

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