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Requires os version:Android2.3.3 and up
Traveling with TourPal's travel guide is easy, its like having a personal tour guide in your pocket. Free Download!

Download TourPal's worldwide travel app to enjoy audio tours and free, GPS enabled, city travel maps (offline & online) that will show you all the must see tourist attractions, sights, restaurants, bars, hotels & shops in over 70 cities ( London, New York, Paris, Los Angeles, Barcelona, Amsterdam, Bangkok, Berlin, Rome, Washington DC, Philadelphia, Vancouver, Sydney, Miami, Madrid, Las Vegas, Boston, Chicago, San Francisco ...).

Let the TourPal tour guide & city travel maps app take care of all your traveling needs:

FREE - GPS BASED ONLINE AND OFFLINE MAPSUse TourPal’s tour guide app to see where you are on the map & where to go to next, even without an active internet connection!

FREE - SEE RESTAURANTS, BARS, SHOPS & SITES AROUND YOU* New feature: The free GPS based maps show the most popular restaurants, shops, bars, shops and sites around you in all the cities covered in our app (according to the social media input of millions of users!)

FREE - FIND HOTELS with a BEST RATE GUARANTEEUse the built in Hotels compare system in our tourist guide app to find the best available hotel rates.

FREE - NO ACTIVE INTERNET CONNECTION NEEDED WHILE TRAVELINGNo Internet connection (3G/Wifi) needed on the holiday itself as you pre-download the travel guide & maps data to your device, so you avoid costly roaming charges while traveling.

(PAID) - WIDEST SELECTION OF WORLDWIDE MULTILINGUAL VOICE GUIDE TOURSThe only travel guide app that offers such a wide selection of worldwide, multilingual, GPS based voice guided tours ( London, New York, Paris, Los Angeles, Barcelona, Amsterdam, Bangkok, Berlin, Rome, Washington DC, Philadelphia, Sydney, Miami, Las Vegas, San Francisco...).

SUPPORTS A VARIETY OF LANGUAGES:The TourPal tour guide app is available in: English, French, German, Italian, Spanish, Arabic, Japanese, Korean, Hindi, Hebrew, Chinese and Russian.

TOURS WERE CREATED BY PROFESSIONAL TOUR GUIDESAll our audio tours were created by pro tour guides. Guide are compensated for downloads of their tours.

If you have any comments about our travel app please email info (at)

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POPULAR LOCATIONS INCLUDED:Popular locations for our travel guide with free offline maps are: London, New York, Paris, Los Angeles, Barcelona, Amsterdam, Bangkok, Berlin, Rome, Washington DC, Philadelphia, Vancouver, Chicago, Miami, San Francisco, Sydney, Las Vegas, Grand Canyon, London, Madrid, Istanbul, Jerusalem, Prague, Boston, Venice, Vienna, Lisbon, Prague, Budapest, Paris, Phuket, Florence, Delhi, Edinburgh, York, Brussels ...

LOCATIONS:Free offline maps are available for all the cities in our tourist guide app: Acre, Agar, Amsterdam, Atlanta, Auckland, Bangkok, Barcelona, Berlin, Boston, Bratislava, Bridgetown, Brussels, Budapest, Buenos Aires, Chiang Mai, Chicago, Dead Sea, Delhi, Edinburgh, Florence, Grand Canyon, Haifa, Hue, Istanbul, Jerusalem, Las Vegas, Leh, Lisbon, London, Los Angeles, Madrid, Marrakesh, Melbourne, Memphis, Miami, Minneapolis , Minnesota, New Orleans, New York, Nice, Paris, Philadelphia, Phuket, Pittsburgh, Prague, Roma, Rome, San Francisco, Sequoia National Park, Sydney, Tel Aviv Jaffa, Vancouver, Venice, Vienna, Washington DC, York…

COUNTRIES: United States, United Kingdom, Italy, Ireland, India, Thailand, France, Czech Republic, Spain, Austria, Israel, France, Netherlands, England, Germany, Czech Republic, Laos, Hungary, Portugal, India, Belgium, Argentina, UK, Australia, Canada, USA, New Zealand, Russia, Barbados, Morocco, Turkey ...

Professional travel guides can earn revenue for adding tours to our app.

For more info -> .

More tours will be added soon.

* The TourPal travel guide app is protected by patent rights.

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