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App: Turkey Hunter & Calls

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Category Sports
Requires os version:Android2.3 and up
Turkey hunting application that is sure to aid in your outdoor adventures. Seek out the wild game, then capture the image with sounds just like a real shot gun. This app also includes wild turkey calls to help lure that game out into the open where you are able to get a clean shot. This app also allows you to set a turkey call as your RINGTONE or notifications. The ringtones option is a must if you carry your phone with you while hunting. Ever be watching that hen clucking along unsuspecting and then your phone rings and scares her away? Well now all she will hear is another hen clucking, or which ever sound you have set as your ringtone. Don't miss another shot because of a phone call in the field, get Turkey Hunter now.

Happy Hunting!

For entertainment purposes only. Not responsible for misuse of this application.

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