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App: Voice Changer (Prank)

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Category Entertainment
Requires os version:Android2.2 and up
Are you looking for the best Voice Changer around. So download Prank Voice Changer.With Prank voice changer you can perform amazing/funny/scary/ telephone prank call and drive your teacher crazy at school.Change, modify, alter your voice with using the several audio effects presented in this app (i.e., pitch shifting, time straching, fast, slow, backward, reverb, helium, hyper, chipmunk, robot, cyborg, whispering, psyco, possesed, bee, alien).Moreover it is also possibile to add a fake environment sound in order to make your prank call perfect (i.e., police siren, rain, storm, seaside, bathroom, disco, war).

Once you're satisfied, you can save your altered voice, you can also share it with your friends using skype, whatsapp, wechat and gmail or other email. Now it is also possible to share your modified voice using Facebook and Twitter!

HOW TO USE PRANK VOICE CHANGER:+ CLASSIC MODE- Press on the rec button and start to speak (don't speak too much close to the microphone).- Press on stop button when you have finished.- Select an audio Fx and a Theme.- Press play to ear your modify voice.+ PARROT MODE- It is also possible to use the parrot mode (a unique feature among all the voice changers around) in order to make amazing prank call!+ SOUNDBOARD- Use the soundboard to generate different audio sound (i.e, 64 among fart, burp, guns and other horror sound).+ MOVING MOUTH- Talking Mouth option is a real time moving mouth that allows you to change your face physiognomy choosing among different mouths.

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