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App: Volume Booster

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Category Music
Requires os version:Android2.3 and up
An advanced Volume Booster for all Android users to enjoy!This sound volume booster is a native application that maximizes your phone sound and also gives an extra bass boost to music via the built-in Android equalizer API.

Our Volume Booster works with both the system speakers as well as external headphones.Open the volume amplifier and press the boost button to get the extra bass boost for your music.

Play with the volume adjuster slider bars for music, ringtone and alarm and get extra manual control for adjusting loud volumes.

The sound amplifier works on all seven of your phone's sound streams to make them hear loud:- Alarm sound volume (this is the alarm sound)- DTMF sound volume (this is the sound your keypad makes dialling)- Music sound volume (this is the music volume)- Notifications sound Volume (the notifications include SMS sounds, Email sounds, etc.)- Ring sound volume (this is the ring sound)- System sound volume (other system sounds like low battery, etc.)- Voice Call sound volume (the voice volume for you call partner)

This volume booster works within your device's technical specifications to provide you with a rich and deep bass experience without damaging your phone speakers.Don't forget to support our developing efforts by rating our sound booster.If you are a developer try and be creative and make your own apps, don't clone our app because we will file DMCA requests to Google for copyright infringement. Thanks!

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