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App: WiFi Map Pro — Passwords

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Category Travel
Requires os version:Android4.1 and up
WiFi passwords for FREE internet access all over the world!

*** The most popular WiFi application*** TOP 1 in 25 countries*** TOP 1 in Travel category in 40 countries*** Contains 2,000,000 WiFi hotspots!

USA, Canada, Mexico, Brazil ... America, Europe, Asia, Russia and CIS, Middle East, Oceania ― the WHOLE WORLD is in your pocket!

FEATURES: - WiFi spots from around the world - WiFi hotspots with tips and PASSWORDS - Smart cafe, hotel, city and country SEARCH - MAP navigation- Define your CURRENT LOCATION offline - Real time customer SUPPORT

YOU CAN CONTRIBUTE!- Add WiFi spots and passwords- Update old passwords - Share WiFi hotspots with your Facebook, Whatsapp, Viber and Twitter friends

NEED WI-FI RIGHT NOW? 1. Launch WiFi Map 2. The app will show the nearest WiFi hotspots with their passwords 3. Done! You are now connected to WiFi;)

STAYING ONLINE IS EASY: 1) Find the city you are traveling to 2) View & scroll the map around 3) That's all! Now the app can work there without the Internet

!!! FOR TRAVELERS: # WiFi tips & passwords # Stay connected worldwide

Frequently visited cities (United States)◎ Chicago: 1'800◎ Houston: 2'600◎ Los Angeles: 2'600◎ New York City: 2'400◎ Orlando: 1'700◎ San Francisco: 2'100…◉ Brazil, São Paulo: 50'400◉ China, Shanghai: 3'800◉ France, Paris: 1'900◉ Germany, Berlin: 2'300◉ Italy, Rome: 2'100◉ Mexico, Mexico City: 10'100◉ Russia, Moscow: 24'700◉ Spain, Barcelona: 1'800◉ Thailand, Bangkok: 6'100◉ Turkey, İstanbul: 7'500◉ United Arab Emirates, Dubai: 3'200◉ United Kingdom, London: 3'800◉ United States, New York: 2'400- AND 100,000 OTHER CITIES

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