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App: Wireless Barcode-Scanner, Demo

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Requires os version:Android1.5 and up
Use your smartphone like a wireless barcode reader and scan barcodes remotely. Special receiver software is not required; the barcodes are immediately available for further processing via Bluetooth or TCP.

The app is perfectly suited as cost-saving alternative for professional handheld wireless barcode imagers; it scans common linear and 2D bar-codes swiftly and reliably.

## FREE DEMO ##This free demo replaces barcode data on a random base with a demo text. All other features are identical to the full version (see market://details?


+ EASY Wireless Barcode Scanner is very easy to setup and use. Just start the app, pair or connect the device with your computer and scan bar-codes remotely. That's it.

+ FASTBarcodes are detected and decoded swiftly.

+ SINGLE SHOT OR BATCH SCANNINGScan bar-codes one by one or in batch mode.

+ LOGGINGNo data loss! Scanned bar-codes are logged for later (re-)sending. The size of the log is adjustable.

+ FEEDBACKThe connected computer, the connection status and failed bar-code scans are signaled to the user immediately.

+ BLUETOOTH or INTERNET (TCP)Wireless Barcode Scanner supports two communication methods - Bluetooth and TCP:

BLUETOOTH: The app may be operated as Bluetooth Master supporting the serial port profile (Bluetooth SPP). Once paired with the computer, the barcode data can be read with standard software tools from a virtual serial port (RS232 or COM-port).

TCP: The app can also be configured to send barcodes via TCP to your target system (WiFi or mobile network). Wireless Barcode Scanner implements a TCP server, any TCP client (e.g. TELNET) can be used as receiver.

+ BARCODE CONTROLWireless Barcode Scanner supports adjustable barcode prefixes, barcode suffixes and various decoding character sets.

+ KEYBOARD WEDGEFor injecting the collected barcodes as simulated keystrokes, a keyboard wedge software like TEC-IT's product TWedge is required. A free demo download is available on

+ VOLUME LICENSEThe full version is available in the Google Play store (see market://details? For volume or enterprise licensing (without the need for a Google Play account) contact

## YOUR FEEDBACK PLEASE ##TEC-IT appreciates product feedback and enhancement requests from users. Please contact us via email to

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