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Game: 3D American Truck

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Category Racing
Requires os version:Android2.3 and up
Ready for something more then regular car games? Blend car racing adventures with parking games skill testing in a fantastic 3d realistic construction mission. Embark on a complex 3d parking and racing adventure as the American Truck game will show you how. Download and play now the ultimate adventure trucks game with a quest twist and complete all three missions in three different American locations. Take over Las Vegas, Austin and New York, driving your impressive car to the destination points in each level and prove truck parking games are your specialty.

With over 30 levels to compete for supremacy in, you will have the opportunity to show your car racing games skills, as well as truck parking games ones. Make great use of your racing games skills as you upgrade and invest in your truck. Use it best you can throughout the missions and make your character proud.

Start the construction missions in Austin, helping build a residency home, as you test your parking games abilities. Deliver concert and other construction materials to the construction site and develop your car driving master handling skills. Park and load up the needed materials and then drive back to the ensure all materials are right where they are needed. Make sure you enjoy the 3d impressive graphics along the way as racing games can be impressive by taking you through high quality background design.

After your parking skills are well tested, move forward tot the next construction mission, where you can make the most out of better and improved trucks, on busy streets of New York. Truck parking games are awesome, especially when you get to enjoy some of the most impressive American Trucks ever. Upgrade your pick-up truck to a self dumping truck and finish off the mission in your tanker truck trailer, being the best driver on those feisty roads of New York. Help build an office building, parking in the indicated spots, uploading goods and delivering them in record time tot the construction site. If you want to have the best out of truck parking games as well as racing games, this American Truck game is the one for you. Keeping the adrenaline up to a maximum, you can practice your driving skills as well as car parking ones, to become the best in business.

The final and ultimate car parking games test will be in Las Vegas, where you will need tot help build a shopping mall. Not only will you have to make the most perfect parking maneuvers, but you will also need to prove your car racing games abilities, as some quests are counter-time dependent. Upgrade your truck to perfection, changing it to a big wheeler truck and to the ultimate American Truck. Prove worthy of such important missions as you speed race in some of the best and most impressive trucks, enjoying the high quality of the 3d graphics before you.

American truck games are the best opportunity for you to test car racing games skills as well as proving your parking games ones. Blend them in a fascinating mission game and get the most out of all car games out there.

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