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Game: Air Traffic Control 3D - ATC

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Category Simulation
Requires os version:Android2.0.1 and up
Welcome to Air Traffic Control 3D - ATC!

Air Traffic Control puts you in control of an airport ground control. You must manage aircraft movement on the ground and issue taxi and take off requests! You must make sure the planes do not collide. Air Traffic Control 3D - ATC has 7 different aircraft and 5 unique airports! Each airport presents a challenge for you to manage the ground traffic and did I mention it's all 3D with cool graphics!

Air Traffic Control ATC is running in sandbox mode, each time you play an airport level the game play is generated randomly so you can continue to play as long as you like! See if you can beat your high score!

Air Traffic Control 3D - ATC features realistic aircraft dynamics as well as arcade style playing and dynamic skyline!

Please be patient I know Air Traffic Control 3D - ATC needs more airports, I'm working on it right now!

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