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Game: Animal Quiz

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Category Trivia
Requires os version:Android2.2 and up
Animal quiz game is an amusing picture puzzle game for kids to learn animals with fun.

It is so simple and easy to play for kids and families. See how many animals you can recognize and share it via social media. Guess the picture of animal using available mixed letters and try to spell its English name.

The quiz starts with the most known pet animals like cat, dog but gradually you see the pictures of tropical, exotic and wild animals like lion, zebra. It is like a word puzzle game where you try to type words by selecting the correct letters among mixed letters. See the icons and guess the English name of the animal and then, tap on the letters in order on the bottom of the screen. If you guess it correct, you get 5 points; if wrong, you cannot see the animal. It is the most amusing way to learn English names of animals, parents can install this educational quiz to teach animals to their children.

When you get stuck and don’t know the answer for an image, you can use 100 coins to reveal a letter or 250 coins to remove a wrong letter. There are coin packages to buy as well.


- A variety of animals: pets, wild animals, sea animals, tropical animals
- Easy and simple to play for kids and families
- Hints to reveal a letter or remove a wrong letter
- Coin packages to buy
- Additional coins by resolving images
- High resolution images

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