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Game: Assassin's Freed United Games

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Category Adventure
Requires os version:Android2.3 and up
Get ready for Assassin’s Freed United Games, a medieval FPS cube style full of pirates and Caribbean islands.

You are an assassin trained with the best skills to finish the ruling days of the corrupted government that has spread out over many Caribbean islands and religious temples in the area.

This First Person Shooter and role-playing game is full of action and it will take you to different adventures on the many maps we offer. Wether you kill enemies using melee weapons or firearms you will enjoy this great battle through medieval castles, temples, pirate ships and building roof tops.

You are capable to kill armed enemies using your swords, knifes and other melee weapons but as soon as you get your hands into a rifle you’ll be unstoppable.

You will find power ups such as Speed up and Slow motion that will help you in this vicious fight against the corrupted but powerful enemy.

Use your map to find hidden enemies and make sure you check your corners.

You can adjust the sensibility of the game by clicking the Settings icon if you want to turn the camera faster during battles.

There is a wide choice of arms and awesome gameplay.

The game will be harder as you progress in the game and the enemies will grow in numbers, they will do anything to defeat you.

Use your assassin skills and training to stop the bad guys and return peace to this town.

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