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Game: Battleship : Desert Storm

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Category Strategy
Requires os version:Android2.0.1 and up
Battleship : Desert Storm Chapter 1.

This is a DEMO Version. It consist of 5 waves. Demo Version Timer is set to 10min each for slower GamePlay.
Research Lab is not available in this Chapter.

If You wish to have a Much better GamePlay, i suggest you throw some bucks for me (=D) n get the Full version. Full Version consist of 10 waves with 5min timer. Faster GamePlay and Much more aggressive Enemies. It Requires much more Strategies.

Thank you in advance if you guys bought the full Version.

How to Play?

1. Build the Right Units & Weapons at the right Cost. ( Don't build them if you think is a waste of Cash)
2. Defend Your Base
3. Don't Let the Enemy Cross the RED Line. (Remember : You Only got 10 Lifes to spare)

This Game is build & tested on Samsung note 10.1 older version.

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