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Game: Brine Shootout

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Requires os version:Android2.0.1 and up
Ready to take your game to the next level? We hope so—because Shootout is back. The updated version of the #1 lacrosse game is loaded up with new Brine gear and high-resolution graphics. And with a brutal new All-Star level to test you, this Shootout isn’t just better. It’s meaner.


“Overall, I believe Shootout is a welcome addition to the lives of lacrosse players, and I love that this forward-thinking innovation came from a company founded way back in 1922. Brine Lacrosse continues to lead the way!”
– Krieg Shaw,

“It is an addictive game, and a necessary download for all LAX fans from 8-88.”
– Andrew Weiner,

“Brine Shootout… easily the best app ever.”
– @RealSammyP_03

“Loving the Brine Shootout app.”
– @revED_up

“Brine Shootout. All day everyday. #addicted”
– @TabbiLevengood

“They finally made a lacrosse game app. Clearly my prayers have been answered.”
– @caaitlynalexis

“Playing Brine Shootout instead of paying attention in class.”
– @RyanStrangland


? Total control over your shots: Whip one in over the goalie’s shoulder, bounce one off the ground through traffic—even go five-hole if you’re really feeling it. Or just unleash a Power Shot to knock over every unlucky defender in your way.

? Five increasingly tough levels to tackle: Backyard, High School, College, Pro, and new All-Star.

? A full arsenal of unlockable Brine gear helps you up your game—and your scores.

? A built-in, worldwide leaderboard lets you see how you measure up to the best (or don’t).

? Really light it up? Share your score on Facebook & Twitter—and dare others to beat it.

? Made, tested, and played by the brand that’s been a leader in lacrosse since 1922.


? Once the whistle blows, simply flick up to shoot. Flick direction, speed and distance all have an impact on the placement of your shot.

? To keep the clock going, keep scoring. Once you’ve scored three goals in a row, every goal adds :01 to your time; once you’ve hit 10 in a row, that bonus doubles to :02. Until you miss—then you’re back to square one.

? At the bottom-left corner of the screen is your power meter. Every goal and defender you knock down helps fill this up. When it’s completely full, you can perform a Power Shot.

? To perform a Power Shot, simply flick down then up—similar to how you’d draw a checkmark.

? Power Shots can knock over defenders. Each defender you knock down will give you a time bonus that matches what you’re currently receiving for goals (if you’re in the middle of a 10+ goal streak, for example, you’ll get :02 for every defender you knock down).
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