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Game: Car Park Control

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Category Strategy
Requires os version:Android2.3.3 and up
A simple to play & fun car game which offers a real addictive challenge. Control and direct the cars to parking spaces by drawing with your finger. Don't crash, avoid angry drivers and have some challenging cool fun.

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? "Car Park Control is overall a very fun game" - AndroidSpin
? 4.5 stars

We made it very easy to play by just drawing paths for the cars to go racing along to a car parking spot while avoiding crashes. Car Park Control is a great game offering a nice intense brain challenge.

Watch the drivers get angry when you ignore them. A race against time.. Yes. Fast & slow cars racing all over the place. Can you control all the racing cars and sometimes angry drivers? Start cars, Stop or park cars. but don't let the drivers get angry. An angry driver will leave & you will lose the angry driver, the car, a coin & maybe the game.

Car Park Control maps throw you into the mania of a unique & challenging car parking game play experience:
? Exclusive Bridges for a brain busting game play of over & under speedy cars racing around.
? Roundabouts. It's a merry-go-round game for your car parking control pleasure.
? Road barriers that change for each game level. Real challenging game play you will love.
? Pedestrians that think it's a game to race in front of cars. Avoid them or stop them.
? Closed parking spots that change the level flow. Cars backed up waiting for a car parking spot.. Great game play!
? Tight spots that challenge & develop your brains' management skills & car parking game abilities.

Be the best Car Park Control game player you can be in our new Car Park Control game. When it gets busy with cars racing around, it will test your brain trying to control the cars racing around & parking, cars leaving & pedestrians generally racing all over the place. Don't get angry.. Just train your brain, develop your game play strategies. You will get better at playing our car parking game with practice.

? 2 Game play modes. Challenge mode & Survivor mode + world leaderboard.
? Fun & funky cars including a cool micro bus, NYC yellow taxi, Police car, FBI van, Truck, Camaro, motorcycle.
? 4 Car Park Control Maps
? Useful game play boosts & bonuses to help you get that high game score.
? A game with real brain challenge & enjoyment. We give you a car game for the brain, hand & eye coordination skill will be improved with this game.
? Rewards for posting to Facebook & Twitter.
? From the makers of the smash hit game Squishy Fruit - FREE.

Are you ready for an even greater path drawing brain challenge game. We hope you like our game. Thanks.

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