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Game: Commander Birdies

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Category Arcade
Requires os version:Android3.2 and up
It's a plane... it's a bird... and... wait a minute it's another bird and another one.... and it seems they all have the same target: To bring down Commander Birdies and his plane.

"Hi, the Commander here and I would love to get some help from you: I need to fly all around the world to collect the diamonds stolen by evil birds- it won't be an easy mission but I believe that with your help we can succeed!"

Master the one-touch controls to navigate the commander's plane safely, fly as far as you can and collect the stolen diamonds. But watch out for those birds! They can get very nasty after a while.

So stand to attention and pay respect to Commander Birdies:

>> Free to play
>> A straightforward but challenging and addicting game
>> Compete with players from all over the globe and top the leaderboard
>> Lots of cool achievements to unlock

Commander Birdies is another great game developed and designed by Hiccapp Games. If you have any requests or suggestions, let us know what you think! Feel free to contact us on
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