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Game: Dance Mania

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Category Music
Requires os version:Android2.3 and up
Dance Mania is an interactive and dynamic game, based on music rhythm.
Its main purpose is to test your focus and distributive attention.

Challenge your skills by comparing your highest scores with other players!

Dance Mania has two game modes included: Classic and Time Attack, which work on the same principle: Burst the bubbles!

• The bubbles are surrounded by a circle that slowly approaches them. The idea is to burst them at the nearest point, in order to get the maximum score.

• You must consider the bubble's number, because they must be burst in increasing order.

• Do not forget to avoid the trap bubbles, which appear from time to time.

• In case you loose one of your 3 lives, you can regain them one by one by reaching a combo of over 100.

• In Time attack mode, higher points and higher combo will increase your time, while lower points will decrease it.

The bubbles' appearance on the screen is synchronized with the background sound and the change of tempo, so if you burst them in the right order, you will complete the music.

Be sure to choose the synchronize option, in order to store your scores remotely, and have the opportunity to compare them with other players.

This application is a work in progress. Feedback and suggestions are welcomed in reviews or by email.

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