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Game: Death Free

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Category Music
Requires os version:Android2.3.3 and up
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Death is a Rhythm Game where you're lying on a hospital bed after an accident and trying to cling on to your life. Try and be a survivor!

It is an experimental concept game based on a near death experience.

Set entirely from the players perspective death offers a trippy and unusual gaming experience. A dark and disturbing background track has been created especially for the game by Plan C Studios.

????? Praise for Death ?????

"There’s no doubt that Death is experimental -- more of an interactive art piece than strictly a “game.” Death would be just as at home in a gallery"

"As an experiment, Death is extremely well-crafted. As a work of art, Death is beautiful and honest."



??? Health Warning ???

Epileptic players, please don't play this game.
Keywords: death, die, hospital, concept, near, dark, afterlife, experience, evil, medical, kill, drugs, plague inc

Death is a dark game with a dark sense of humour like plague inc. We think if you liked plague inc you will also like this game.
There are lots of throwaway games out there like bejeweled blitz, hay day, angry birds and fruit ninja, but do they really MEAN anything. Death explores depper issues and the free flow of life.
CSR Racing is too fast, Flow Free: Bridges too slow, and bad piggies is too silly. get a bit arty with Death.
Tetris was the first to test your reactions and your brain training, now Death does it too. It makes you think, but not in the same way as Where's my water. Death tests you reactions like Temple Run: Brave and Doodle Jump. Can you get to the end and survive or will you cut the rop of life.

If you play rage of bahamut, Clash of clans, DragonVale Castles, Bubble witch saga or Legend of the Cryptids you will spend too much money! Download death today and see if you can survive.

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