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Game: Death Sniper FPS

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Category Adventure
Requires os version:Android2.2 and up
A Top shooter with the nickname “Death”. One man with a gun ambush on the battlefield, waiting for his enemy that he will kill it. Try to change the direction of the war, because the hero can often single-handedly change the world.

?Features 1: Shooting game gives players a super cool rush and killings; games with multiple scenes and the rich experience, so you can do things with facility on a different battlefield.

?Features 2: Started simple, smooth operation. There is no jerky feeling, to fill the gap fluency with you to experience the fun of shooting.

?Features 3: Realist style, the real battlefield into a sense of detail portrayed on the screen is in place, the scene buildings, trees, the sky with darkness are very perfect.

Snap shot , leave your "death" marks in different battlefield!!!

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