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Game: Defense RPG

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Category Role Playing
Requires os version:Android2.3.3 and up
Limited time offer rare Evil Beast "Trouble Rainy " appears.
Seed's feature
- It attacks by low probability.
- 3 times usual in acquisition gold
- If it succeeds in repulse by an advance mode, "Jewelry of thunder strike" can certainly be obtained.

[Game outline]
Defense RPG is the simulation RPG which repulses the monster which strengthens a country with the system of a turn system strategy simulation game, and is called Evil Beast with the combat system of RPG of a turn system.

A unit is composed and raised from nine occupations, it defends by strengthening a rampart, the income is raised in strengthening of the country by internal affairs, and the more powerful equipment for a unit is purchased by dealings.
All Evil Beast periodically attacked to a castle are the boss character classes, and are 30 or more kinds.
Evil Beast more powerful as it repulses, of course attacks.
In order to repulse, a unit must be raised and 100 or more kinds of items and 60 or more kinds of skills must be utilized.
Evil Beast cannot be won only by advancing the turn.
For what is the gold which enters when the income and Evil Beast of every turn are repulsed used?
The timing to which Evil Beast attacks whether a rampart is strengthened for whether it uses in order to increase an income more, or a unit is strengthened must be chosen at its own discretion, and a country must be strengthened.
Moreover, taking advantage of a unit's characteristic, it is necessary to perform sortie retreat and to oppose strategically in a battle.
can bear how far Evil Beast attacked obstinately, or the attack of Evil Beast continues how far -- the fate of the Gendum country -- you -- it is order.

[How to play]
A country is strengthened with a main screen.
If a turn is advanced with an advance button, gold will increase by the income of every turn.
Since Evil Beast will attack if the turn is advanced, please repulse.
An easy tutorial can be seen if it starts with a new game.

[About advance mode]
In an advance mode, it is the mode which usually added the following change to the mode.
- The physical strength of Evil Beast is strengthened for a while.
- It will become game over if repulse of Evil Beast goes wrong 3 times continuously.
- If it succeeds in repulse of Evil Beast, the material item for converting arms and a protector can be obtained.
- The arms and protector which are possessed from the warehouse of a dealings screen are convertible.

[About bug report]
When a bug etc. are discovered, it will be saved if you can connect with the way of the bulletin board (BBS) installed in a nekosuko site (
It corresponds as promptly as possible.

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