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Game: Don't Tap The White Tile 6IN1

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Category Music
Requires os version:Android2.3.3 and up
+++Winner of the Indie Prize Europe - Award, Casual Games Associations +++

+++Minimalistic yet stunning artwork, gameplay is fun and challenging+++

Watch your step, DON'T TOUCH ANY WHITE - TILE. This is the core rule in this additive game.

Is it easy? Everyone can handle it, but not everyone can handle it well. What about you?


Charming Guitar Sound Effects
6 Awesome Game Modes
Smoother Gameplay
Better User Interface
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There are six modes in the game:

Classic mode, reach the target as soon as possible.
Arcade mode, try your best to tap the dark tiles as many as you can, and do not miss one.
Rush mode, another Arcade mode with no upper speed limited.
Reverse mode, everything is upside down.
Zen mode, try your best to tap the black tiles as many as you can in 15 seconds.
Relax mode, same as Zen mode but in a relaxing enviroment.

Any advice and suggestions will be greatly appreciated!

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