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Game: Draw Cold Weapon

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Requires os version:Android2.3 and up
Would you like to have fun drawing of Hunting Knife, Combat Dagger, Dagger, Knight Sword from War Shields and Swords? That is exactly what the Draw: Cold Weapons of Worriors app allows you to do. Add this latest offering in the series of drawing apps and never worry about boredom again!

You can now access more than 15 drawing tutorials in a single app!

Each drawing divided in 5 to 15 steps, and its easy to follow.
Have fun with this lessons at home, in school, on paper, chalk on asphalt - do it everywhere!

Drawing is fun, but traditionally not so fun to learn. Unless you can afford a private tutor, you usually have to take a class that requires you to adhere to a specific schedule. The Draw: Cold Arms and Weapons from Games app makes learning to draw as easy and as flexible as possible. All you need to provide is the time, medium, and environment in which you want to draw!

Learning to draw with our apps consists of following of each step presented in the tutorial for the subject you want to learn to draw. The number of steps varies, but each one covers a key aspect of the subject. Even complex subjects such as Mace, Bow, War Axe, Evil Axe, Skyrim Game Axe are a snap!

Instead of having to take a lengthy class, you can use the our How to Draw apps to learn to draw. The really good news is that you can learn at your own pace and level. The app includes previous and next buttons so that you can go backwards and forwards through the tutorials so that you can to learn the way you want!

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