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Game: Dream Fighters

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Requires os version:Android2.3 and up
Super Cute CCG "Dream Fighters" now comes with mighty! Cute art style, splendid battle scenario and the original plot of RPG of the KOF, make Legend of Fighters an innovative game. Come and collect all of your favourite Heroes! Train and upgrade them! Play various PVE instances, tightly PVP competition with friends!
1? The real original voice: When pull off moves in battle, fighters’ voices are original voice, recall your old memories ~
2? Ace: Players can upgrade Character card and increase all fighters’ Ability in Ace system. If some special fighters meet Soulbound requirements, all fighters’ stats can be improved.
3? Fighter: More than 140 fighter cards, and more than one hundred kinds of arms and fighters image.
4? Equipment: Equipment are divided into five kinds are Weapon, Armor, Helmet, Jewelry, Treasures (Magic stone / Tattoos). Weapons: Increase equipment's ability to attack, and strengthen increasable attack ability.
5? Divination: Divination system is the most important way to get jewelry in the game. You can divine certain times per day. This system will be opened when the player reach level 30!
6? Awaken: Players will get the corresponding stars in Instance fighting, you can enhance the Character card and improve potential in Awaken.
7? Altar: When a fighter reaches maximum level, player can Rebirth by consuming some diamonds. Rebirth successful fighter will return to level 1 with maximum level increased. But not all fighters can Rebirth.
8? Formation: New formation slot will be unlocked according to your character level. Players in low level can use only two or three slots, so a fine formation helps your team win smoothly.
9? Instance: Enjoy the game with multiple instance, Normal, Elite, Event!
10? Paly with friends: The gameplay is based on fighters’ battle. Raid and duel with your friends!
(1) Friend: Make friends in the game.
(2) Treasure Raid: Raid fragments of equipment from other players.
(3) Arena: Get a top ranking and win great amount of reputation.
(4) Combat: Join combat to win rare items.
(5) Mirror of Eight Spans: Win tons of rare items.
(6) Revival of Orochi: Gain great amount of reputation.
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