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Game: Dubstep Beatpad

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Category Music
Requires os version:Android2.3 and up
Do you like Dubstep music, but want to create & design your own? With Dubstep beatpad you can freestyle dubstep and make awesome original music!

Freestyle mode allows you to create your own dubstep live, with lots of experimenting you can create some very cool music!

With over 32 slots to hold different music samples you will never end up creating the same piece as someone else!

Features coming soon will allow you to save your creations and share them with the world! Also the ability to swap out music slots with different samples, custom soundboards and many other features will be available with future updates!

Please rate & comment, and enjoy!

This app is a dubstep music generation tool used to create and experiment with music design, if you have any ideas to improve the game please let me know!

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