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Game: Electronic Yahtzee

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Requires os version:Android2.2 and up
Electronic hand held Yahtzee game, also known as Yatzy.

== RULES ==
The Yahtzee scorecard contains thirteen boxes divided between two sections: the upper section, and the lower section.

=Upper section

In the upper section, each box is scored by summing the total number of dice faces matching that box. For example, if a player were to roll three "twos," the score would be recorded as 6 in the twos box. If a player scores a total of at least 63 points in these boxes, a bonus of 35 points is added to the upper section score.

=Lower section

The lower section contains a number of poker-themed combinations with specific point values:

- Three-Of-A-Kind - At least three dice showing the same face = Sum of all dice
- Four-Of-A-Kind - At least four dice showing the same face = Sum of all dice
- Full House - A three-of-a-kind and a pair = 25
- Small Straight - Four sequential dice = 30
- Large Straight - Five sequential dice = 40
- Yahtzee - All five dice showing the same face = 50 First Yahtzee, 100 Second and more
- Chance - Any combination = Sum of all dice

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