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Game: Empire Defense II

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Category Strategy
Requires os version:Android2.1 and up
Empire Defense II is based on the background of Three Three Kingdoms and it has been downloaded by thousands of players since the day it was released. Now, we are so glad to meet its amazing update. As creative game, Empire Defense II focuses on General developing and skill upgrading. Welcome to download to get 4000 crystals for free now.

Players will receive different gift in V1.3.9 every day. Seven days of each week, we offer seven different kinds of Surprise :
Reward on Monday: General Experience +100%
Reward on Tuesday: Arena Crystal Reward + 50%
Reward on Wednesday: Story Crystal Reward + 100%
Reward on Thursday: Arena Gold Reward + 50%
Reward on Friday: Enhance Cost - 30%
Reward on Saturday: Arena Tickets increased to 10
Reward on Sunday: Arena Tickets increased to 10

? Game Feature

1, Zhao Yun, Lv Bu, Diao Chan and other 13 generals plus 18 soldiers fully equipped with super skills get ready to help you unifying the three kingdoms!
2, How to better plan your defense to be the winner ? You wanna lure the enemy or outflank them? It is based on your wisdom and strategy.
3,The perfect combination of Tower defense and RPG elements, different Equipment strengthen, a place to show your wisdom in this unpredictable formation!
4, 22 levels ,Offline game (STORY ) and online game (ARENA) combined, Arena offers you the real PK experience.

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