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Game: Evil Raven Attack

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Category Music
Requires os version:Android2.3.3 and up
Evil Raven : Subway bird attack The Streets FREE Nasty Game For Kids
The Ravens are attacking the streets!

Beware of the vengeful evil raven! His forest got attacked so he is coming to the city for his revenge!?He flies and can shoot laser from his eyes!

This action pumped game for kids gives a different perspective to games like no other! Soar through the sky in this new, fun and addictive game!

“Evil Raven – pro Subway bird attack game for kids” is something new in town! The fresh and innovative ideas from our team will keep you playing for hours!?He rips through the air, whilst shooting and trying to stay alive! Glide around your screen as you tactically position your bird to shoot, dodge and fall in the air. The further you go, the higher you score. Stay alive to beat your highest score! Get special IAP mode to never die in the sky!

Immense graphics and sound
Easy controls
Addictive gameplay
Special IAP mode – use it and never die in the sky

If you’re a person that loves birds, ravens, lasers and revenge, we strongly recommend this game! Rate, comment and like also on our official facebook page. “Evil Raven – pro Subway bird attack game for kids” fans are already there waiting for you!

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