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Game: Fairy Legends

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Category Arcade
Requires os version:Android2.3 and up
??Top the Korean Mobile Game Rank List??
Classical love ARPG, 2015 Grand English Version is officially released!

?Particular Bidirectional Skill Tree System—Four professions and eight sides of growth
?Hundreds of realistic magic scene: From glacier to volcano, fantastic scene with super strong sense of immersion leads you to experience extreme magic.
?Heart-shaking stereo: Different scene matches with different style BGM. Put on your headset, or miss the surround melody.
?All kinds of Map with powerful Boss: Volume Maps + Legendary Boss. Extreme PVE to challenge your own limit
?Multiplayer In-Progress Battle: 100VS100 without any pressure! Multiplayer In-Progress Battle. Never stop fighting!
?Amazing Tower Defense Fight: Monsters come wave after wave. Survive for 100 waves and you will be the real man!
?Fresh across Server PK: Invincibility in your server already? Fight cross server with other stronger to become the final King!


?Profession introduction ?
?Weapons: sword
?Defense system: with the highest HP and defense capability
?Fury series: strong attack output, become invincible equipped with crit

?Weapon: fist
?Defend series: control the field in a short-distance war, provide the powerful BUFF help.
?Assassination series: broke out in a short-distance war, has the outstanding personal abilities.

?Weapons: sickle
?Elemental series: Remote outbreak, groups Terminator
?Evil series: use voodoo curse to torture the enemy to death

?God messenger
?Weapons: short stick
?Divine series: a center providing cure and supply for a team
?Arcane series: emphasis on destruction, can control the field remotely


Large-scale magic MMORPG mobile game, sweeping around Asia, has the most beautiful scene and super cool PK system! HD Particle Flow Technology presents the wonderful frames to challenge your visual limit. Colorful Mount, Novel Map, Fierce Battle Fight and Ardent Team War are waiting for you! Particular Bidirectional Skill Tree System, Four Professions, Eight Sides of Growth, Different Active and Passive Skill Formation help you to forge your own king! Stop thinking! Action right now!

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