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Game: Feed the Pets - kids game

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Requires os version:Android4.0 and up
Feed the Pets is an exciting learning game for kids!

***Best app for really little ones of 1 year old and up!***

Feed your cute pets! Find out what a cat, a bear, a wolf and other animals like to eat and what they don’t. Your child will love it! Children can play this game as they like – there are no rules or limitations. Contains in-app purchases - full version for $2.99.

***What a child will learn***
With the Who Eats What game your child will:
- Develop logic and quick wit
- Develop memory and attention
- Learn what different animals like to eat
- Learn to observe and to make conclusions
- Memorize the names of edible and inedible objects

***How to play?***
Feed the Pets is a game for curious kids who like to experiment! The pets are sitting in the kitchen and are really hungry. Take some food off the shelf and from the fridge and feed them. Sounds simple, but the best part is the process itself! Each pet likes its food – the wolf loves meat and the bunny likes carrots. Learn to tell sweets from vegetables and vegetables from meat, sweet from sour, delicious from flavorless. Watch the funny reactions of the animals. Play a joke - try to give a lemon to the wolf and garlic to the bunny. What happens? And what happens if you do that again? You can check if the bear can eat anything and see what he likes better – honey or jam. Will someone eat the phone? Play, experiment and learn!

***Key Features***
- The game is suitable for really small ones
- Simple controls allow your kid to play without adults assistance
- Only safe content and no ads

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