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Game: Fireworks Bang New Year

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Requires os version:Android2.3.3 and up
Fireworks Bang New Year
Appendix game Fireworks explosion sound grenades , bombs, firecrackers in the New Year !
We all remember the good old firecrackers Karsar , you now have the opportunity to blow them right on your phone ! Remember the youth .
Play with your friends , put on a timer 5.15 or 30 seconds and throw each other ! It will explode when the fuse burns out ! Creative imagination scare people!) )
In the application there is also a tape firecrackers , throw a neighbor or brother or sister when she sleeps with a timer and see how they will be afraid when the explosion !)) )
Napugayie school principal , let them think you brought to school and firecrackers explode under the desk !)) Application does not require an internet connection , you can use it anywhere, at school, on the street, at home , in the subway , in transport , in the car and elsewhere.
Also in the app have Sparklers fireworks stick on 5,10,30 seconds and other pyrotechnics ! Appeal to both adults and children alike ! Show your friends !
All a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year ! Leave us your feedback and we will consider them in future updates!
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