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Game: Frog Swing - Crazy Frog Game

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Category Adventure
Requires os version:Android2.2 and up
Swing with Henry and his friends with their huge tongue, through a delightful and colorful swamp full of plants and traps! Help him catch and eat delicious treats and discover a swamp full of adventures!

With Henry's giant tongue you can swing in crazy ragdoll physics, but you'll see that is not easy to swing in the swamp... and it gets harder when there is a hungry piranha ready to eat you! Use your ability to escape from it, get rid of the traps and collect the fireflies to upgrade your frog and catch the bugs to get special powers that will help you through this journey with special powers.

Touch, swing, don't fall and go as far as you can to complete the missions, get more points and unlock new characters! Soon you'll love to swing around catching bugs as much as Henry does.

Play with the frog who suits you best:
• Henry - A green frog that loves swinging around.
• Moriarty - Quite flamboyant for a swamp creature.
• Barnabus - Afraid of fish due to a tadpolehood trauma.
• Samuel - Is actually a toad. But no one toad you that, ok?
• Sebastian - Its favorite dish is steak and flies.
• Atkinson - Wishes he was at home watching TV.
• Nathaniel - It may look cute, but it's actually venomous.
• Carlton - A rare specimen. His favorite color is red.
• Zachary - Sometimes wonders if life is just a game.
• Harrington - Just ran away from a biology class.
• Charles - Not really a frog, but it changes color! What is pretty cool.

As if this game weren't challenging enough, you might want to complete the missions!
• Flying frog - Reach 5000 meters in 3 swings.
• Tastes like cheese - Stick your tongue to the moon.
• Helium Hog - Stick your tongue on 8 balloons.
• Nice swing! - Reach 4500 meters in 1 swings.
• Frog sense tingling - Play using the Gem Bug Radar boost.
• Psychedelic - Play the game with the chameleon.
• Leap of faith - Reach 3000 meters in 1 swings.
• And much more! Every time you achieve one mission you get rewards!

Pick up some bugs on your way!
• Firefly - Buys cool stuff, because everybody likes to buy cool stuff.
• Magnet Bug - Attracts Fireflies that will help you buy more cool stuff.
• Gem Bug - If you like to buy cool stuff, you'll love to buy some special ones!
• Bubble Bug - Makes you float. An easy way to get you closer to the sky... and the moon!
• Farty Bug - Gives you a boost to get even further.

Please note! This game is free to play, but it contains items that can be purchased for real money. Some features and extras mentioned in the description may also have to be purchased for real money.

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