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Game: Fruit Combo

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Category Sports
Requires os version:Android2.2 and up
A gorgeous fruit feast.

Fruit with a perfect combination of three elimination games .

A dancing fingers and brainstorming Temple Run like an amazing journey .

Fruit Combo to bring you Speed UP like Cool three elimination feast , you just need to dance on the phone to your fingers, fruit lore completed within the stipulated time , you win .

In the corresponding time as much as possible by matching three or more of the same pet , you can create a Fruit Blasting Mania results, scores will rapidly increase.

Game play point ,

1 , Fruit Combo , with fresh fruit beautifully pictures , beautiful fruit elements.

1 , Fruit Combo , in the form of checkpoints conducted multiple checkpoints set up , one by one difficulty rising .

2 , Fruit Combo , the game uses a cool effect with stereo blasting music .

3 , Fruit Combo , different candy crush saga gameplay , but super simple and approachable , and more fun blasting pleasure .

4 , Fruit Combo , fruit species with three or more elements can be achieved to eliminate the greater the number of elimination to give higher scores

Fruit Combo farewell traditional three elimination games on the right touch , lianliankan , the same play, not the same wonderful .
Not just Birds Blasting Mania, crazy fruit with your feelings Fruit Blasting Mania.

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