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? ? ? ? ?Experience The World of Farming!? ? ? ? ?

Welcome to HayRide!

Tired of city life? Want to get out of town and explore new adventures every day by rolling around in hay?

Presenting HayRide!

Manage your own town, build your own eutopia!

Play with family and friends, go on adventures, collect rare goods and cook new recipes! Raise farm animals and grow your crops and plants with the help of townsfolk and friends!

Not only that, you can connect with Facebook friends, and invite them as neighbors!

Build your own, Design your own, Grow your own village! Begin your own Story!
Every level you'll get FREE gems, coins and treasure while farming!

Can you fulfill all orders before the train leaves?
Toil and till the land to meet the urgent shipment orders before the train leaves for its next destination.

Help townsfolk and friends fulfill their hay orders every day, set up a roadside shop to sell your produce, ask help thru Facebook and invite more neighbors!

HayRide is a World without Rain!

* Design and decorate with trees, fences, and buildings.
* Grow delicious fruits, veggies, and beautiful flowers.
* Visit real neighbors to watch their crops grow.
* Raise Pets and Animals
* Cook or bake a new recipes that townsfolk would love
* Trade crops and fresh goods with neighbors and facebook friends
* Fulfill orders by truck, train freight, and farm stand.
Specially made Gameplay Controls! Smooth and simple controls make playing easy, intuitive and enjoyable!

But wait theres more! Get FREE COINS AND GEMS for new players!

Download and Enjoy for FREE! There are also optional In-App goods and items you can buy to get what you need!
Play HayRide anytime, anywhere, for FREE!

So what are you waiting for, experience the Thrill and Excitement from your fingertips.
Download HayRide now and begin your own story!

Build your own farm city, trade crops and fruits, raise animals, create your own eutopia!

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