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Game: InuYasha: Seek jade (Official)

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Category Role Playing
Requires os version:Android2.3 and up
InuYasha: the Journey of Seeking Jade is a MMO Role Playing Card Game that offers rich and free gameplay and allows players to freely make up their formation with characters from Team InuYasha, Team Sesshomaru and Team Naraku and nurture their own gorgeous and powerful pets with fascinating pet system. Care to return to the Sengoku period with InuYasha? Join the game now and you will go through the corridor of time and embark on a wonderful journey of seeking Jade!

Feature 1: Authorized Game that Represents Authentic Scene of the Sengoku Period.
Higurashi Shrine, the Bone Eater’s Well, Higurashi Kagome, InuYasha… the fantasy scenes and characters are all now within your reach. Each frame of the 100 percent Japanese style picture in the game is worth a screenshot.

Feature 2: Cute Demon Characters and Free Factions for You to Join.
Cute classical characters are awaiting your call to help you form the most powerful adventure team and start a fantastic, challenging and changing journey of seeking Jade.

Feature 3: The Most Powerful Bonding and Unlimited Demon Power
Each character is bonded with one another and the bonding among characters can be arranged as you wish. To think about the scene of InuYasha and Sesshomaru, Higurashi Kagome and Kikyo fighting as a team, how exciting it is! It is all up to you now!

Feature 4: Perfect Animation Effects and Vivid Presentation of Skills
Perfect animation effects for the skills in the original book like Bakury?ha (Backlash wave), Wind Scar and Adamant Barrage! Using the skills with your own hand is like fighting in the battlefield yourself!

Feature 5: Forge your own legendary sword like Tessaiga
To become recognized by Tessaiga not only demands a righteous heart but also unremitting courage. Are you qualified to become its owner? May the sword be sharp in your hands!

[Downloading bonus]
There will be huge bonus in the first 7 days for a newly opened server and you will receive lots of benefits and rewards by just joining the game. Your consecutive login will be rewarded with valuable diamonds and rare gears and your first recharge will be rewarded with powerful characters. The higher you rank, the more resources you gain!

[Contact us]
If you like our game or have any suggestions, please share your comments and reviews with us and discuss the gameplay with the other players~
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