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Game: Jungle Stick Man

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Category Arcade
Requires os version:Android2.3 and up
This is the new game of "Kuma the Bear"!
A fun and easy-to-play game for everyone that can be enjoyed with just a finger!
Try now the fun and easy-to-play action game "Jungle Stick Man".

Choose the right timing, jump, and catch the next vine!
The lower you hold the vine when you jump, the further you will fly.
But if you do it too much, your strength will drop quickly. So be careful!
Restore your strength with bananas, and let's go further into the jungle!

You need to watch out for stones the gorillas will drop on you!!
Grab the bird's feet, and let it take you much deeper into the jungle!
Have fun on this amazing and exciting expedition!

It's super easy to play!
Match your timing to the swinging vine, and tap the screen at the right moment!
Let's swing from one vine to the next without falling off!

You can also compete for the fastest arrival time at the goal with your friends!
If you grab the spring tree, you can jump deep into the jungle! Reach the goal faster than your friends!

(Reasons why we recommend Jungle Stick Man)
?It's super easy to play with just a finger!
?The way the stick figure jumps and falls is hilarous?
?You will be thrilled when you get a hold of the vine at the very last moment!
?Making a big jump with the spring tree feels amazing!

- By COLOPL, Inc. -

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