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Game: Keep Battles

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Category Strategy
Requires os version:Android2.0.1 and up
Build. Battle. Be victorious.

"Must play... for strategy fans"

Keep Battles is a fast-paced turn-based strategy game incorporating RTS elements where players clash for dominance by choosing units with varying strengths and weaknesses to conquer their foes. Outsmart your opponent and achieve victory! Keep Battles is a tug of war style game, inspired by the Warcraft 3 mod "Castle Fight", with a medieval / fantasy setting. With four different races to choose from, each with unique buildings such as the Orcs' Profaned Temple, which produces Warlocks, or the Humans' Angelic Altar, which gives human units a chance to summon a vengeful angel when killed, the strategies in Keep Battles will make your mind run for ages!

??? Game Features ???
? Intense turn-based strategy game that will keep you thinking
? Countless possible strategies
? RTS like gameplay is easy to learn, and friendly for players who are casual or new to the genre.
? Four different races, each with unique units and buildings, including the theocratic Humans, the fearsome Undead, the united Orc clans, and the nature-loving Elves.
? Knights who ride bears. What more could you ask for?

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