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Game: Keys Jumper Adventure

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Category Adventure
Requires os version:Android1.6 and up
The adventure game is a key jumper super addictive game where you have to drive the keys through the forest picking up the cherries and dodging obstacles. Caution game very addictive. Along the percussion you'll find woods, barrels and other obstacles.

This application is a tribute to this beloved character in america.
El Chavo del Ocho (Brazil: Eight Keys or simply Chaves) is a character in the Mexican television series El Chavo del comedy Ocho. It is an orphaned eight-year-old, played by Roberto Gomes BolaƱos, whose real name is unknown. As his was shown on channel eight, his name was "El Chavo del Ocho" in the original Spanish. Therefore, in some episodes, the boy says live in the house number eight in the village, though always come into your barrel. It is very poor and lives behind some food or sweets other residents of the village. Has the toys themselves, usually with junk data or mounted.
The history of the Keys in Brazil begins almost with the SBT. On August 19, 1981 TVS entered the air, a few years later, would become the SBT. To complement the programming of the newly formed station, Silvio Santos examined various programming packages offered by foreign broadcasters. Among them was the Mexican Televisa, with good yields at low costs. However, this schedule could only be sold completely with all programs, and, in the middle of programming was the series El Chavo del Ocho, which did not please any director of SBT, even the Silvio Santos. But, knowing the success that the show was all over Latin America, Silvio Santos decided to put it in the air.
Keys debuted in Brazil in August 1984, at Bozo the Clown program. About three years later, the show won own hours, being aired at 12.30 shortly after Chapolin Colorado. In 1988, Keys debuted in prime time viewing only new episodes, threatening the audience of other stations. In the late 1990s the problems started: the show schedule constantly changed without notice and, on several occasions, had been removed from the air. But Keys resisted, and continues to air after 27 years in Brazil, and after 40 years in Latin America, thus entering into the history of television.

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