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Game: Kids game Christmas baby phone

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Requires os version:Android2.3 and up
Winter is the perfect season to introduce new and interesting magic games with Santa Claus, Elf and Snowman as the main characters to your young children. As soon as you have a Fir Tree in your house, as soon as the merry December holiday is about to knock on the door of your beautifully decorated home where the air is filled with the aroma of hot chocolate, be sure to present the long-awaited gifts to your beloved son or daughter — for example, you can choose some nice virtual toys. In the coldest winter month of December, when the frost draws miraculous flowers on the windows, your baby will appreciate the care and attention of loving parents, brothers or sisters, who have downloaded to their phone an exciting app to create a wonderful holiday of fun! The game helps to develop the child's reaction speed, improve his or her fine motor skills and will certainly perk up the young player's mood.

When the snow storm howls outside the window and the white snow flakes reel in the air, let the virtual fairytale of wonders stop by your house in spite of the frosty weather and the snowfall. Put the Christmas decorations in their place, with a nutcracker, a shining white angel and the happy Lapland reindeer named Rudolf among them, pass the fairy lights round the fir tree so that the child could feel the atmosphere of the long-expected feast – the Christmas Eve. During the holidays, let the kid make friends not only with Santa and Fairies, but also with the funny Snowman that offers interesting tasks in the mommy's smartphone or daddy's tablet.

Hang up the Christmas decoration for the fir tree to sparkle joyfully with new colors, letting everyone sense the miracle of Advent. Light up a fireplace of your own to keep the frosty weather away from the family hearth. Hang a bell above the door to hear the first guests come to your holiday dinner. You can also decorate the fir tree in the yard and prepare gifts for the family members beforehand. Bake a delicious cinnamon cake and put sweets in the green bag and gift socks. On the New Year's Eve, don't forget about fireworks either and let the colorful confetti fall on the sharp green needles of the fir tree. Adorn your fireplace with bells, fluffy gloves and Christmas decorations, place a gaily dressed fir tree near it. Enjoy the mood of the Feast created by:

The extraordinary virtual game where you can sing Christmas carols together with your children using a fun app. The game represents an eye-catching phone with children's favorite Lapland characters put on their ear at all times of the day. The snowman, gingerbreads, cinnamon cookies, the nutcracker – your kids can choose any of these to talk to. The feast-like fir tree and the fireplace with crackling flames are last but not the least part of the fabulous Xmas app. Happy cinnamon-flavoured gingerbreads or the funny little Lapland Elf will help your child learn numbers with the help of the tilting phone buttons. With jingly bells distinctly heard, the unusual and catchy tune will remind the young player about the upcoming frosty December feast. You can read your child interesting story books with neat pictures of moonlit Santa's sleigh, but only with the fun and simple games installed on your phone or tablet your child will be able to experience the true atmosphere of the celebration of the birth of Jesus Christ.

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